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the cloud messenger


once upon a time, an exiled man in a distant land, pining for his beloved, urges to carry a message to her. listen to his aching mind, veiled in soft dreams... hear the gusts of deep sighs....chasing illusions of union... a message of everlasting love! we bring to the stage a sublime classic by the celebrated 5th century sanskrit poet kalidasa.


meghadootam is an invaluable jewel of sanskrit classical literature as it epitomizes the subliminal relationship between a man trapped in trying circumstances with his only companion – nature. while conceiving ,scripting and choreographing this work, we saw the journey of the megham and the yearnings of the yaksha as a metaphor for the eternal search of the soul! the yearning of the human mind to find true love, to journey to that space deep within of acceptance and eternal union  has been our deepest inspiration while interpreting this masterpiece! our creative interpretation of the work has the megham as a creation of the most poignant and deeply felt throbbing of a seeking heart….the cloud messenger in this interpretation is created by nature by every drop of tear that falls from the longing eyes of the a creative departure from the original text, this megham is embodied then with the soul of the yaksha and lives through the journey to alaka feeling the pangs of separation with as much pain as the yaksha.



an operatic ballet composed by


smt. bombay jayashri ramnath

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