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‘samradhya’, an institute conceived by shijith nambiar and parvathy menon to explore, experience and impart the traditional art forms of india, was born in the year 2012. ‘samradhya’ identifies itself by the uniqueness in defining, imparting and experiencing the heritage arts of india, especially bharatanatyam. it is an effort to experience the ‘rasanubhava’ through the rich culture inherited from our ancestors.

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Having experienced the spirituality of the divine culture of our beloved country, Shijith and Parvathy intend to take the initiative to revive the original concept of Indian Culture, which is nothing but a spiritual pursuit. The divine experience of Indian Culture does not confine to any particular class or creed. Unfortunately, in the process of promoting the entertainment aspect of our rich culture to the people at large, the divinity of our culture has been lost. ‘Samradhya’ intends to constitute a full-fledged institution, where apart from imparting the essence of our culture, importance shall be given to character building. Spirituality makes one see the world without discrimination thereby creating contributors rather than followers. ‘Samradhya’ wants to help the aspiring cultural talents of the next generation identify their inner strength and meditatively pursue it to the highest level so that the world at large will be benefited from their actions. ‘Samradhya’ wishes to deliver the concept that sense of achievement is the prime and the material gain is its derivative, and only a satisfied Body Mind and Intellect can address the concerns of the world.




Samradhya’s diverse choreographies seek to please the aesthetic tastes of both classical and contemporary dance lovers. their most successful dance-theater productions include ‘krishna—a divine experience’ (2013), ‘meghadootam—the cloud messenger’ (2014) and ‘samagamam’ (2015).  each of these has been presented upon various national and international stages where they have been universally appreciated.

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